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Please update the app to work with iOS 12!

Please update the app to work with iOS 12!

I cannot use it anymore

I cannot believe how far this great app has fallen. I cannot use the app since it gives out jobs postings that are not even relevant to what I requested. The map keeps re-centering itself so that you cannot see all of the postings. It is nothing like the previous version that was great. If it isn't fixed soon, I will be deleting if from my phone so that I can have its space for storage.

Virtually Unusable

Latest update has made this app unusable. You can still get in, but the interface makes it impossible to navigate. This app needs a redesign, STAT.

What happened??

For 3 years, this used to be a great app. After latest's useless & buggie. How sad

Completely nonfunctional

Online job searches are pretty much worthless to begin with, but then add an app that can't search without crashing, and, based on other reviews here, doesn't even show the right job listings when the app doesn't crash? No thanks.

Map and results issues

This is an easy app to use and to quickly change your search from one type job to another. But when I hit "search" I get a map of the world and if I zoom in on the area I selected I see no job locations, just the map, so I don't see the point. Then when I flip to the listings, I see there are several pages but using the "next" arrow at the top may say I am on page 2, m3, etc. but it's the exact same job listings on every page. Also, clicking on one listing may or may not show me the one listed. Often I get details of another job in the listings. This could be a great app but either I don't know how to use it or there are some major bugs to be worked out.

Doesn't Work

You click on a job and it takes you to a completely different posting. It doesn't work. Not sure why they don't fix it. I'm deleting it. There are plenty of other apps out there that work great. Sorry.


Unstable app links do not match up to where it's supposed to go and there are glitches where it freezes up


Waste of time, effort, and space! Does not load any jobs, no options, horrible with location, slow.

Unreliable links

If this app worked accurately it would be perfect. It maps ansmd lists opportunities, but when u click to get more info, it will link to a different job. FIX IT

Great in Theory

I like the app and it's intention, but the Job Title selected displays a COMPLETLY DIFFERENT Job Title AND Job Description.

Old version worked

Displays a different job description than the one you select. Crashes randomly.

Needs a lot of work!

Search is crap with out zip code. App hangs/locks up regularly. Could be a good app with work but not worth the time at the moment...


Would b a great app but when u click on a job posting it brings up something totally different uggh

Keyboard stuck

Keyboard stays up preventing operation of app.

App not ready

Nice ideas but the functions don't work. search doesn't work for no reason sometimes and when it does Wrong jobs Are linked! Add that it crashes 1 out of 3 times and you have a fail app.


Crashed in the first use

Buggy and unusable!

Selecting a job brings up the description for another job - not the one I selected. The descriptions for jobs are incomplete, sometimes they start in mid- sentence. In its current state it is unusable.

What's up?!

When I first got this app it worked great. Every new upgrade has caused this app to work less. Yesterday it stopped working all together.

Wrong job details!

Please fix. Click on a job and it displays the wrong details!!


When I click to get detail on a job it pulls the description for something different.


This app is too busy. Piece of crap and nothing works


piece of crap app that has everything screwed up. waste of space...delete!


Junk. Crashes all the time.

Terrible, unsupported, waste of time

There is a better app for job search. This app is awful. I'm deleting this app.


Wth! Waste of your posting don't match with job position postings. Worse app I have ever seen! Don't bother wasting your time!


Keeps shutting off

Waste of time

Job details do not match job listings. Annoying and frustrating. Don't bother with this.

Don't waste your time

Has a lot of listings but the details do not match the listing.... Very frustrating!


The job listings are off. when you click on one it's not the same as what's on the summary page. Also if you expand the map of the listings it crashes the app. I love this app I've found one job through this and looking for another. Please update!

Messed up

This was a great app but now it's messed up. Fix the problems!!!! Description don't match the job. Please fix the problem. Fix and I'll give it a 5 star rating.


Every time I touch o. The map the screen shuts down, very aggravating and time consuming.

Screwed up up BUT...

Only use ur zip and click on EVERY ADD LISTED because this app will display a job, u click it, it's not the job or company listed with the original posting.

Great app but...

This is a great application to help you look for jobs around your area. Easy to use and understand. Search is quick and hassle free. But there's a crash that keeps happening, when you want to zoom in and out of map, the app exits. Please also fix the fact that you have to start all the way from page one if you exit. And could the address pins be placed more accurately? I'll make it 5 stars and recommend it if this is looked into. Thank you

Used to be great

Same issue as already stated. Want to see the job when i click more info. Will move back to 5 star when they fix it!

good resources but unusable

Doesn't show the appropriate job listing when hitting the "more info" arrows.

Could be better

Poor app layout. Also, when I tap a job I am interested in for more info in list view, I am taken to a completely different job I am not even interested in. Please fix.

vary help full

I owe my career to this app I've now been working at my place of work for 20 years now and I am making 1,000,000 dollars an hour trolling FTW :)

Too glitchy

Several bugs need worked out!


I would have rated this app higher, if it weren't for the buggy responses. If you click on the list of jobs, it randomly shows you another job on the list somewhere. So it's pretty useless in that regard. I have been running the search and then visiting the listed company website to read the actual job desciption.

Eh i prefer listings

Im not into the map-only option

Must have app

For those of you who search for jobs this thing is for you look every where for a job just for you

Good but,

The app is good however, if there are too many listings that meet your criteria, the app crashes. It would be nice if the listings were catagoeized so that you can search within those.


I've been outta work for 6 months after 12 years on the job and finally through this app I got an awesome job!!!!! AGAIN THANK YOU

New version UGH

The last version was quick, concise and easy to navigate. The new version? Ads ads ads ads all embedded in search results, "out of memory" when you do the slightest look into the job description. Buttons placed in strange positions (back buttons are inconsistent). I LOVED the previous version. This new one is clunky and slow. Too bad. I'll find another app to use.


It wood be nice to get gps or map quest of the job you are look at

Needs a lot of help

Needs a lot of improvements to get 5 stars. I wasn't impressed at all.

Good...need to be able to edit location

Good app...would be nice if you could view jobs in other locations than your GPS location though...

Great app

All it needs is bigger scrolling list and a favorites list.

NOT FOR IPOD!?!?!?!?

This app looks AMAZING but ITS NOT FOR THE IPOD TOUCH! WHATS UP WITH THAT? Please Make It Compatable!

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